Five Critical Things to Look For In a Loyalty Program

Five Critical Things to Look For In a Loyalty Program

Over the course of the years we have come across several truly unbelievable online loyalty programs at online casinos; some of them were fantastic and others were horrible. We have recently noticed, however, that several of our readers do not quite understand the differences between a great loyalty program and a bad one, so hopefully this article shines a little bit of light on that.

Here are five critical things to look for in a loyalty program. Early Incentives Even though all of us enter loyalty rewards programs at online casinos like WinPalace or Casino Titan because they have incredible top-tier rewards, the little perks that you pick up at the early stages are just as important for most people. The reason is that it receiving gifts and promotions along the way help people to enjoy the program and to stay focused; two reasons that most people give up before collecting all of their rewards.

Great Customer Service

Even though you may not see any reason to talk to someone over the phone or through email at an online casino, you will once you start receiving bonus money, free merchandise, and other perks. Instead of waiting until the last possible minute to make sure that the CSR’s are on their game; why not give them a call now and ask about the loyalty program that you’re interested in?

It could save you a lot of frustration down the road. Lifetime Rewards Some online casinos have clauses in their rewards policy that says your earned loyalty points disappear after six months if you do not use them. Never enroll with an online casino if they do not offer lifetime perks and bonuses. Rushmore Online, for example, allows their customers to use their loyalty points at anytime…even if its twenty years down the road.

Fair Deposit Bonuses

Even though the deposit bonuses may seem like a minor part of your overall loyalty reward system, this free money is a massive aid in helping you reach better VIP levels in a much shorter time-frame.

Always try to pick an online casino that offers instant deposit bonuses, meaning that you can gamble with them immediately after funding your gaming account. Several casinos do not do this; avoid them like the plague.

Cash-Back Rewards and Other Top Perks

Even though we mentioned earlier that the lower level gifts and perks are important, the real reason that players enroll in any type of loyalty rewards system is to claim the big prizes that are reserved for only top level VIP’s. It might take you several months or even years to reach the maximum level at your favorite online casino so be sure that the eventual payouts are worth it. Read the terms and conditions carefully as well to make sure that there are not any loopholes that would cause you problems collecting your rewards.

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